In this section we will look at the Language ab-initio External Assessment.

This section is a summary of the information on the External assessment (Paper 1 and Paper 2) included in the Language ab-initio Guide, First assessment 2020, IB Publishing Ltd, The Hague, February 2018. 



Specific sessions will be dedicated to the two external assessment components.

Paper 1

Productive skills—writing (30 marks)-25%

Two written tasks A and B, of 70–150 words each from a choice of three tasks, choosing a text type for each task from those listed in the examination instructions.


Paper 2

Receptive skills—separate sections for listening and reading (65 marks)- 50%

  • Listening comprehension (45 minutes) (25 marks)
  • Reading comprehension (1 hour) (40 marks)

Comprehension exercises on three audio passages and three written texts, drawn from all five themes.